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Eps 192 – Incarnate – Westworld

Crawling into theaters this past weekend, the latest horror film from Blumhouse fails to make a dent in the box office. The possession fueled "exorcise" in futility, INCARNATE, features a decent cast -- Aaron Eckhart, David Mazouz (Gotham), Emjay

Eps 191 – Night of Something Strange

Gross. Disgusting. Sick. Demented. And quite possibly the best horror comedy of the year. Well, at least for most of the Grue-crew. This  week HNR covers the film festival favorite - awarded best horror film at the New York City Horror Film in

Eps 190 – The Monster (2016)

Not long ago, The Black Saint enthusiastically recommended Bryan Bertino's latest horror film, THE MONSTER. Catching the Grue-crew's attention, Santo's sanction became HNR's schedule. And the world is better for it. The movie, featuring Zoe

Eps 189 – Arrival (2016)

As Halloween 2016 sets sail, the Grue-crew turn to a thinking man's Sci-fi mindbender for this week's episode of HNR. Acclaimed director Denis Villleneuve brings his film ARRIVAL into theaters this weekend with a thoughtful look at aliens landing on


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