Eps 33 — Macabre

Macabre bathes its audience in blood. Buckets and buckets of blood. Shareefa Daanish creates a frightening new monster in Dara, the stone-faced, ice-queen of terror: The Mother of all Horror.

Chainsaws, decapitations, astonishing gore and bloodied baby skulls are just the beginning. Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto (co-director of the Save Haven segment of VHS2) direct this 2009 Indonesian gore-fest getting its US release in 2013.

Co-hosts Doc Rotten, Dave Dreher and Santos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr. recap and review Macabre while Dave brings the Horror News of the Week in this episode of Horror News Radio. It’s news about Lizzie Borden, Hammer on Blu-Ray and Kevin Smith’s Tusk.

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Episode 33 — Macabre
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00:03:00 — What Have You Been Watching – New York Horror Film Festival
Santos shares his incredible weekend as a featured judge for 2013’s New York Horror Film Festival. He has Doc and Dave in stitches with his description of his favorite horror short, Fist of Jesus. He also recommends Found and Contracted. And he reveals that the highlight of the weekend was meeting co-host Vixen, the voice of reason, for the first time who joined Santos at the Festival.

00:15:26 — Review of Macabre (2013)
Macabre leaves the grue-crew amazed, astonished at the gore and terrified by Dara, the mother of all horror. Dave reveals he knew he was in for something incredible the moment Adjie slips in a floor full of bloody baby skulls. Doc brings a gory, blood-drenched foreign film to the grue-crew that has a horrific family who terrorize a young couple and their three friends. Santos compares the gore level to that of Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive while Dave and Doc are reminded of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and other gore favorites. If you love your horror with ample amounts of red, Macabre is a film that should not be missed.

00:52:03 — Horror News of the Week for 11/118/2013
Dave brings you the Horror News of the Week beginning with the announcement that Joe Hill is bringing Tales from the Darkside back to the small screen on the CW network. Does the idea of Christina Ricci swinging a sharpened ax excite you? If so, then, Lifetime’s Lizzie Border Took An Ax may be the film for you. Kevin Smith reveals some of the details for his upcoming horror film, Tusk. Scream Factory announces the upcoming releases of the popular werewolf films, Ginger Snaps and Dog Soldiers. Millennium Entertainment is releasing the Blu-ray for Hammer’s Frankenstein Created Woman.

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