Eps 39 — The Top 10 Best Genre Films of 2013

American Mary, You’re Next, The Conjuring and Maniac are just a few of the genre films of 2013 that thrilled, scared and entertained of the grue-crew throughout the past twelve months. These are the best horror,  sci-fi and fantasy films 2013 has to offer.

Co-hosts Doc Rotten, Santos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr., Dave Dreher,  and Thomas Mariani take a look back at the best films of 2013 each presenting their personal top 10 for the year. You’re Next and The Conjuring make all four lists with Maniac placing on three of them. Some of last week’s most disappointing films return this week to be on another host’s best. Ha! Doc starts the ball rolling with the What Have You Been Watching segment with Haunter and Dave bring the final Horror News of the Week for 2013.

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Episode 39 — The Best Genre Films of 2013
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00:05:10 — What Have You Been Watching: Haunter (2013)
Wrapping up 2013, Doc takes in Haunter from director Vincenzo Natali, a sensational ghost tale that has a lovely young spirit realizing the horrible truth about her life – or unlife – but decides to save the life of a young still living teen girl. Abigail Breslin stars Lisa Johnson who has only a ghost of a chance in defeating the big bad haunter played by Stephen McHattie. Doc surprises his co-host as he announces that Haunter is also number ten on his list of best for the year.

00:09:25 — The Best Genre Films of 2013
As 2013 comes to a close, Doc, Thomas and Santos take a look back at the best of year, the most exciting, thrilling and influential genre films of 2013. Cutting to the chase here are the films discussed:

Thomas Mariani

  • 10) Warm Bodies
  • 09) John Dies at the End
  • 08) The Conjuring
  • 07) Maniac
  • 06) You’re Next
  • 05) Sightseers
  • 04) Pacific Rim
  • 03) This is the End
  • 02) The World’s End
  • 01) Gravity

The Black Saint

  • 10) Banshee Chapter
  • 09) The Lords of Salem
  • 08) Frankenstein’s Army
  • 07) You’re Next
  • 06) Jug Face
  • 05) Contracted
  • 04) The Conjuring
  • 03) The Seasoning House
  • 02) Found
  • 01) American Mary

Dave Dreher

  • 10) Macabre
  • 09) Nailbiter
  • 08) Frankenstein’s Army
  • 07) Contracted
  • 06) Maniac
  • 05) V/H/S/2
  • 04) Big Ass Spider!
  • 03) The Conjuring
  • 02) You’re Next
  • 01) American Mary

Doc Rotten

  • 10) Haunter
  • 09) V/H/S/2
  • 08) Stoker
  • 07) Maniac
  • 06) Pacific Rim
  • 05) You’re Next
  • 04) This is the End
  • 03) Evil Dead
  • 02) The Conjuring
  • 01) Gravity

01:11:00 - Horror News of the Week for 12/30/2013
Dave returns this week to proudly bring his final Horror News of the Week for 2013. Doc is happy to hear that the trailer for Dead Snow 2: Dead vs Red has been released. The next installment to the Amityville Horror franchise gets its January 2015 release date and a new name: Amityville. SyFy is promoting its new genre show, Helix, with a dozen or so short trailers confusing everyone on the podcast. Dave shares news of Fear Clinic including his interviewing the director and teases set visit articles on the way. Last up is True Blood loses one of is supporting cast with the exit of Luke Grimes.

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