The Void (2017) — Episode 209 — Horror News Radio

For our special anniversary episode of Horror News Radio, the Grue-Crew scoured and scraped for a film worth to be included. They found the film they were looking for in the film THE VOID from directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski. The film unfolds like a classic gore-fest from the Eighties complete with gruesome practical effects and splatter galore. The film is swimming in crimson goo with monsters and mayhem around every dimly lit corner. Ah! A match made in heaven…or…it that elsewhere….?

This episode marks four years since the Grue-Crew first gathered to record the podcast, featuring a review of the Evil Dead remake. A few fans sent in questions and congratulations – and there may a familiar voice heard among them. In the What Have You Been Watching segment David and Doc discuss the season finale of The Walking Dead and the surprising turn of events in Bates Motel.

Dave pilots this week’s edition of Horror News of the Week with a round up of recent trailers from It to Annabelle: Creation to The Mummy. HNR and Gruesome Magazine are heading to a number of horror conventions and film festival in the coming months Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival in May to Dragon Con in September.

Co-hosts Santos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr., Dave Dreher and Thomas Mariani are back again this week to give you the best in horror as they recap, review and obliterate all that is horror this week! Oh, and don’t forget — Stump the Saint! (Brought to you by Gruesome Magazine)

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Episode 209 — The Void (2017)
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Feature Review: The Void (2017)

The Black Saint says it best that The Void draws upon the classics in the genre: Hellraiser, John Carpenter’s The Thing, even Halloween II and many others. But, as Thomas agrees, it doesn’t do so to simply reference or homage those classics. The film uses those concepts to build into its own unique and bloody narrative. It is a treat for horror fans, especially those who remember watching classics from the local Mom and Pop VHS shop. Aaron Poole leads the cast which features Ellen Wong, Kathleen Munroe, Kenneth Walsh, Amy Groening, Evan Stern, Stephanie Belding, and Art Hindle. A must see!

What Have You Been Watching: The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale (2017)

Dave Dreher and Doc Rotten reflect on the Seventh season of The Walking Dead as the season finale airs. The expected grand extravaganza ended up being a bit of a whimper as the drop in ratings illustrates. The finale had a moment or two – mostly surrounding Negan – but the end result was a bit of an anticlimactic let down. Dave and Doc quickly turn their attention to the far more successful but no less controversial recent episodes of Bates Motel that weave Marion Crane (Rihanna) into the TV version. For Dave and Doc the variation on the classic “shower scene” was a season highlight while many across the internet have been panning the choice. Regardless, the performances from Eddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga are extraordinary.

Outline of the Episode

  • [00:00:40]: Intro
    • [00:03:00]: Night of Something Strange Swag Bag Winner!
    • [00:04:26]: 4 Year Anniversary Celebration!
  • [00:32:27]: Horror News of the Week
    • [00:32:42]: Stephen King’s It Trailer
    • [00:39:35]: Dimension 404 and Mick Garris
    • [00:44:41]: Annabelle: Creation Trailer
    • [00:50:24]: Empire Box Set
    • [00:56:40]: The Mummy Trailer
  • [01:03:01]: Support HNR
  • [01:03:39]: Feature Review – The Void
  • [01:35:35]: Announcements
    • [01:35:40]: Gruesome Indiegogo Has Completed. Huge thank you for help reaching our goal!
    • [01:36:24]: Convention Appearances
  • [01:37:36]: What Have You Been Watching – The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale
  • [01:43:11]: What Have You Been Watching – Bates Motel
  • [01:46:47]: Stump The Saint


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