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Horror on TV has never been as spectacular as it is at present, genre fans are getting everything from Stephen King adaptations to American Horror Story to franchise reboots on the small screen. None have been as deliriously gory and fun as the addition of ASH VS THE EVIL DEAD on Starz. For the first two seasons, Thomas covered the show in written form but we’re mixing it up for season 3. Starting here (or technically HNR episode 256 for S03E01), the Grue-crew are recapping and reviewing the series each week. This week, on episode 2, titled Family, Ash continues to deal with the fact that he has a daughter Brandy Barr, Pablo struggles with the addition of Dalton, and Ruby gives birth to a new character. Join Doc Rotten, Dave Dreher, and Thomas Mariani as they discuss Ash Vs The Evil Dead.

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Ash vs The Evil Dead – Episode 2 – Family

Synopsis: Ash’s opening of his new hardware store and sex emporium is interrupted when a woman claiming to be his wife says that their daughter is in danger. Meanwhile, Ruby recovers the Necronomicon and Kelly meet up with a member of the Knights of Sumeria.