BEST HORROR MOVIES OF 2020 The Grue-Crew countdown their favorite films of the year

It’s time to finally look back at the best films released during the worst year in recent memory. But, to be honest, while the world was generally on hold for most of 2020 and a majority of the theatrical releases were pushed back to 2021, streaming outlets were eager to step up the game and provide a variety of alternatives. And many of these films were damn fine entries to the horror genre.

Join the Horror News Radio Grue-Crew with special guest host Jeff Mohr as we look at our top 10 favorite horror films of 2020. To our surprise, a few theatrical films still managed to make their way into our lists. Vanessa decided to shake things up adding in a few TV series to remember. And Jeff mixes up the batch with some saucy Jeff-Mohr-inspired treats. Join us for this special look back at 2020 as we get ready to unlock the future with 2021.