HORROR MOVIE NEWS for 11/14/2022 – Christmas Bloody Christmas, IT: Welcome to Derry, and more…

Welcome to HORROR NEWS RADIO for NOVEMBER 14, 2022. JOIN US FOR horror movie news for IT: WELCOME TO DERRY, LONGLEGS, along with trailer news for CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS. All this, and more, coming up next…

Join your host Doc Rotten for this episode of HNR, the official GRUESOME MAGAZINE HORROR NEWS podcast. Back again are the scariest, goriest, bloodiest co-hosts on the ‘Net.

Dave Dreher, the lead news writer at Gruesome Magazine
Crystal Cleveland, the Livin6dead6irl


The HBOMax “IT” prequel series still lives: IT: WELCOME TO DERRY…Jason Fuchs and Brad Caleb Kane will serve as co-showrunners on the “It” prequel series. Source: Variety and Variety

BLOOD FLOWER heads to SHUDDER. Source: Deadline

Sony pushes MISSING up to January 10, 2023. Source: Deadline


Osgood Perkins will direct Nicolas Cage in LONGLEGS. Source: Deadline



FREEZE (2022)




Dirk Rogers: I’m wondering if the new crystal lake series will introduce or even center around Jason’s father. It’s an untapped idea that has no legal entanglements and could really expand upon the Vorhees story. I’m so happy that the horror news is back on each week. Great job grue crew. Keep it up.

Chad White: Great show everyone.. lots of stuff here to be excited about.


Renee St. Aubin: Awwww, one day I’m going to make one of these live streams!


Chad White: Great show everyone! I’m looking forward to Five Nights at Freddy’s. they made it into a VR game and it is literally terrifying and it gave me anxiety, lol. I really liked Willys wonderland, but it had a lot of campyness, I hope they make it an intense horror instead of being campy…

Mason Campise: Keep up the great work!


Don Joe: Thanks for another fun episode. I had to look away for the Halloween Ends trailer, don’t need those spoilers. Also, thanks Crystal for not spoiling Last of Us!

Meretneith: Sandra Bernhard was in AHS Apocalypse as a satanist.

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