Godzilla, Kong, Sasquatch, Dracula, and more – HNR for February 20, 2024

Welcome to HNR season three as Doc and Dave cover the weekly HORROR MOVIE NEWS on Gruesome Magazine. This week, we have news about Godzilla, Kong, Sasquatch, Dracula, and more.

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GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE trailer 2 arrives!

It’s a comedy, sure, but it has horny Bigfoot…afoot: the SASQUATCH SUNSET trailer is here!


Larry Fessenden provides werewolf aplenty with BLACKOUT (trailer)


Dracula returns to the big screen once again, this time from director Luc Besson and actors Caleb Landry Jones and Christoph Waltz.


SMILE 2 adds Dylan Gelula, Raul Castillo, and Miles Gutierrez-Riley to the cast.

Dylan Gelula was last seen opposite Nicolas Cage in Dream Scenario
Raul Castillo from Cassandro and Miles Gutierrez-Riley from The Wilds
They joins an ensemble that also includes Naomi Scott, Lukas Gage, Kyle Gallner and Rosemarie DeWitt, as previously announced.
Slated for release on October 18, 2024.



The Boiuna hunts Kiana Madeira and Jessica Roth in TITAN

Mike P. Nelson (V/H/S/85, Wrong Turn) is set to direct from a script by Alan B. McElroy (Star Trek: Discovery).

When a team of young doctors embark on a local humanitarian mission through the Amazon rainforest, it soon becomes clear that not everyone – or everything – is happy to see them. Their arrival draws the attention of an ancient predator, the “Boiúna”. This ancient killer, dominant on land and water, clashes to reclaim the jungle. The ensuing fight for survival blurs the roles of hunter, prey, and hero.

Kiana Madeira was featured in the FEAR STREET trilogy.
Jessica Rothe is best known for her role in the HAPPY DEATH DAY movies.


Director Renny Harlin returns to Sharksploitation with DEEP WATER featuring Aaron Eckhart and Ben Kingsley

Molly Wright (Lionsgate’s The Best Christmas Pageant Ever), Angus Sampson (FX’s Fargo), Kelly Gale (Lionsgate’s Plane), Li Wenhan from Chinese-Korean K-Pop group UNIQ, and Chinese actress Nashi (Creation Of The Gods I: Kingdom Of Storms) also star.

An eclectic group of international passengers whose plane, en route from Los Angeles to Shanghai, is forced to make an emergency landing in shark-infested waters. The terrified group is forced to work together and overcome their differences if they hope to escape their sinking plane and the frenzy of sharks drawn to the wreckage.

Renny Harlin’s directorial credits also include A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, Deep Blue Sea, and Exorcist: The Beginning. And the new THE STRANGERS trilogy.


BEWITCHED is set to reboot for Sony TV from writer-producer Judalina Neira (The Boys)


Jaume Collet-Serra (Black Adam, The Orphan, The Shallows) teams with Blumhouse for THE WOMAN IN THE YARD for January 10, 2025

Danielle Deadwyler (Till, The Harder They Fall, Carry On) stars.
The movies is scheduled to be released in theaters on January 10, 2025.
The plots remains a secret…