Horror News Radio is the official podcast for the popular horror news website HorrorNews.Net. The show was established in 2013 when site owner, Michael BoneDigger, site manager, Michael Joy, and site film critic and podcaster, Doc Rotten teamed up to create the site’s official podcast outlet. Doc, along with his long time co-host (from Monster Movie Podcast and Widescreen Warrior) Thomas Mariani, recruited other members of the web site, Santos Ellin Jr. (The Black Saint – the lead theatrical reviewer) and Dave Dreher (the lead news writer). By the 10th episode the four guys were joined by the voice of reason, the lovely Vixen.


The grue-crew is now beginning their second year hosting the show. To celebrate, the co-hosts are taking the show on the road attending horror conventions up and down the East Coast, beginning with The Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC (March 21-23) continuing on to the Bizarre AC convention in Atlantic City (June 13-15) and the Monster Con in Greenville, SC (July 18-20).

In their first year, the show was able to speak with many stars, established and future, talking about their films: Patrick Rae, Mike Mendez, Blair Erickson and Tom Savini just to name a few. The show is also spawning a number of sibling shows: The Future of Horror, an interview show spotlighting new indie film makers; Decades of Horror 1970s, Doc and Santos tackle films from the groovy decade; Golden Age of Horror, Dave and Doc explore the Universal Films; and, Horror News TV Hannibal Fan Podcast, where Thomas and Dave recap and review each episode of the popular NBC television show.


Above all else, the grue-crew is happy to have you as a listener. Without you, there is now show. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Turn out the lights. Pop some popcorn. Turn on the projector. And, let’s watch us a horror movie. Bwah.Hah Hah.