Doc Rotten

HorrorNewsRadio_DocRottenDoc Rotten is a lifelong fan of horror movies from the first time he saw Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein when he was 5 or so. He remembers the trill of seeing that film, discovering Universal Monsters and, not far behind, Famous Monsters of Filmland. Growing up in the Seventies, his horror heart belongs to the monster films of that era as well: Exorcist, Carrie, Halloween, Dawn of the Dead, The Omen, Phantasm and, above all else, Jaws. But those are all the films he adores from the 1970’s: The Car, Blacula, Prophecy, The Devil’s Rain, Frogs and Beyond the Door. The hits keep coming.

Doc, a one time artist, is now a programmer and data base guru during his alter ego hours; but, at night, Doc is one of the film reviewers at HorrorNews.Net. He is a champion of found footage, 3D and even remakes – when they’re good. He is a horror-meister with decades of viewing horror films and reading about horror films behind him, hundreds of film reviews and articles at, and

With the Monster Movie Podcast and The American Horror Story Fan Podcast already in his arsenal, Doc is continuing to conquer the growing medium of podcasting. Working with his fellow mates at HorrorNews.Net he is the host of Horror News Radio, one of the top horror podcasts out there. And HNR is just the beginning, there are other podcast shows in the works and he recently completed a stint at TVTalk covering NBC’s Dracula.