Santos Ellin Jr (AKA The Black Saint) has been watching films of dubious quality since time began, he has also watched a few horror films along the way as well. He has been writing for Horrornews.net for the last four years and was promoted to the position of Lead Theatrical Reviewer/Interviewer/PR last year. He makes so much money doing this that he needs do nothing else with his life but he was also asked to be a co-host of the Horror News Radio podcast last year as well. It’s been said (by a family member) that he is indeed the glue that holds the podcast together although his co-hosts might not agree. He thinks they are all jealous of him anyway. 

Additionally Santos has contributed articles to both FANGORIA.com & FANGORIA magazine, as well as appearing (as a Horror Historian…so there!) in one of the bonus features on Arrow Video’s special edition DVD of the seminal 80’s slasher film “Pieces.” If you ask him, he will tell you that the greatest film ever made is William Girdler’s “The Manitou” (1978). He was also honored to be asked to judge at last year’s NYC Horror Film Festival (which is the GREATEST film fest on earth) and this year’s Macabre Faire Film Fest. He appears in the upcoming global box office smash “PLAN NINE” and wonders why he has not received any film offers since then. He also subscribes to far too many genre magazines in an effort to make it look like he knows how to read. His near encyclopedic knowledge of horror/sci-fi films is pretty amazing but he has not figured out how that’s gonna get him a date with Jessica Alba just yet.


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  1. Hi, I’m trying to find a slasher movie title from 1982 to 1992. I remember a group of people going into the deep woods and one by one getting killed off. What stood out was that they found an old cabin with weird stuff in it and a jar of mushrooms. One of the guys ate the mushrooms and was trippin when he got killed. I also remember the killer being the bus driver that brought them there. Any clue?

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