Eps 144 — Anticipated Horror Films of 2016

Things are about to get cozy in Minnie’s Haberdashery as we talk The Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2016 and Quentin Tarantino’s gory western The Hateful Eight. First up the Grue-crew, with Vixen returning, take a look at 10 of the most anticipated horror films of the next 12 months, including The Conjuring 2, The Witch, Godzilla: Resurgence and Ghostbusters. The ecclectic collection includes lighter fare such as A Monster Calls to gonzo, balls-deep gore of Bite and Baskin. And what about that Rob Zombie film 31?

Dave begins the HORROR NEWS OF THE WEEK segment with news about Walmart censoring their release of Deathgasm, the Mo Brothers teasing Macabre 2 and Dustan and Melton wrap The Neighbor. In the What Have You Been Watching segment, the grue-crew reviews the bloody Quentin Tarantino film The Hateful Eight.

Co-hosts Doc Rotten, Santos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr., Dave Dreher, Thomas Mariani and Vixen, the voice of reason, are back again this week to give you the best in horror as they recap, review and obliterate all that is horror this week! Oh, and don’t forget – Stump the Saint! (Brought to you by Diabolique Magazine and Nightmare Code)

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Episode 144 — The Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2016 - The Hateful Eight
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  • Featured Top 10: The The Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2015
    • 10) BITE (TBD)
      • Director: Chad Archibald
      • Writer: Jayme Laforest
      • Cast: Elma Begovic, Annette Wozniak, Jordan Gray, Denise Yuen
    • 09) THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR (3/11/2016)
      • Director: Johannes Roberts
      • Producer: Ajexandre Aja
      • Cast: Sarah Wayne Callies, Jeremy Sisto, Javier Botet
    • 08) ROB ZOMBIE’S 31 (TBD)
      • Director: Rob Zombie
      • Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Meg Foster, Sheri Moon Zombie, Judy Geeson, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Ginger Lynn, and many many many more
      • Director: Burr Steers
      • Story: Seth Grahame-Smith
      • Cast: Lily James, Lena Headey, Matt Smith, Charles Dance, Sam Riley
    • 06) A MONSTER CALLS (10/14/2016)
      • Director: Juan Antonio Bayona
      • Cast: Liam Neeson, Felicity Jones, Sigourney Weaver, Toby Kebbell
    • 05) BASKIN (TBD)
      • Directors: Can Evrenol
      • Cast: Muharrem Bayrak, Mehmet Akif Budak, Fadik Bülbül
      • Directors: Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi
    • 03) GHOSTBUSTERS (7/15/2016)
      • Director: Paul Fieg
      • Cast: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones
      • Director: James Wan
      • Writers: Carey Hayes, Chad Hayes, David Johnson
      • Cast: Patrick Wilson, Vera Famriga, Frances O.Connor
    • 01) THE WITCH (2/26/2016)
      • Director: Robert Eggers
      • Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie
    • Worth a mention: The Forest, The Boy, Jeruzalem, Southbound, 6 Miranda Drive, Lights Out, When the Bough Breaks, A Man in the Dark, Rings, Amityville: The Awakening, Before I Wake, The BFG, The Purge 3, Patient Zero, A Cure for Wellness, Underworld: Next Generation, Ouija 2, The Strangers 2, Get Out, Don’t Kill It, Viral, Doctor Strange
  • What Have You Been Watching: The Hateful Eight (2015)
    • Director/Writer: Quentin Tarantino
    • Cast: Samuel L. Jackson – Major Marquis Warren, Kurt Russell – John Ruth (The Hangman), Jennifer Jason Leigh – Daisy Domergue, Walton Goggins – Sheriff Chris Mannix, Damian Bichir – Bob, the Mexican, Tim Roth – Oswoldo Mobray, Michael Madsen – Joe Gage,Bruce Dern – General Sandy Smithers, James Parks – O.B. Jackson
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  • Horror News of the Week: 01/04/2016
    • Deathgasm gets censored by Walmart, released as Heavy Metal Apocalypse
    • First look at the “new” Godzilla as images leak from Godzilla: Resurgence
    • The Mo Brothers tease their next feature, Macabre 2
    • While the Halloween sequel may be a bust, Dunstan and Melton wrap work on their next horror feature, The Neighbor
  • Stump the Saint: w/ prizes supplied by Nightmare Code

godzilla 2016 2015 BITE-FESTIVAL-POSTER