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The insidious Insidious franchise returns with The Last Key, the fourth installment in the series that James Wan started back in 2010. Now, Adam Robitel (The Taking of Deborah Logan) takes the reigns as Elise (Lin Shaye) revisits her childhood home and the ghosts of her past. Both literally AND figuratively. Horror News Radio takes on the first theatrical horror film of January. More of the same dumping ground or does this one surprise? Listen to find out as The Grue Crew are joined by Joey Fittos. After that, they take a look at The Houses October Built 2, where we see plenty of diverse haunts and eventually get to something of a plot. Dave Dreher starts things off with Horror News of the Week, featuring congrats to Guillermo del Toro for his Golden Globe win, hilarity over the upcoming unintentional comedy of 2018 Truth or Dare and another George R.R. Martin adaptation that’ll hopefully be as gory as Game of Thrones. Plus, a contest winner is announced!

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Episode 249 — Insidious: The Last Key
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INTRO [00:00:39]


FEATURE REVIEW: Insidious The Last Key [00:25:29]

  • Insidious The Last Key (2018)
  • director: Adam Robitel
  • cast: Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson, Kirk Acevedo, Bruce Davison, Spencer Locke, Caitlin Gerard, Josh Stewart


    • Winner: BRIAN BEDARD
  • In February, we will be working with the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, NC to present THE MANITOU on the Big Screen in honor of Santos Ellin Jr. / the Black Saint. Anyone who can make it to the Festival the weekend of February 23 — 25, 2018. We will have more details as we get closer to the dates. Head over here to keep up with this event.

WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING: The Houses October Built 2 [00:55:44]

  • The Houses October Built (2017)
  • director: Bobby Roe
  • cast: Brandy Schaefer, Zack Andrews, Mickey Roe, Bobby Roe, Jeff Larson


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