[Horror News] OCTOBER 17, 2022 – M3GAN, V/H/S/99, THE STRANGERS, and more…

Welcome to HORROR NEWS RADIO for OCTOBER 17, 2022. JOIN US FOR casting news for THE STRANGERS, FATAL ATTRACTION, along with trailer news for V/H/S/99 and THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN. All this, and more, coming up next…

I am your host Doc Rotten and this is HNR, the official GRUESOME MAGAZINE HORROR NEWS podcast. Back with me again are the scariest, goriest, bloodiest co-hosts on the ‘Net. Dave Dreher, the lead news writer at Gruesome Magazine.


THE WICKER MAN is getting a modern setting TV adaptation. Source: Deadline

PEACOCK is developing a supernatural TV series titled ST. DONATUS. Source: Deadline

Synopsis: “St. Donatus is about a small town in Iowa with a dark secret. An unwitting family, relocating from Brooklyn, moved into a newly-renovated farmhouse on the outskirts of town. When the family starts experiencing unsettling occurrences, it brings them closer to the town’s secret… and the very thing trapped in their cellar.”

Sydney Sweeney is attached to produce and star in a remake of BARBARELLA. Source: Deadline


Hot off of LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER, Ema Horvath joins the cast of THE STRANGERS remake. Source: Deadline

Fan favorite Dee Wallace boards the Paramount+ series adaptation of FATAL ATTRACTION. Source: Deadline

Universal has tapped Sydney Sweeney to star in THE CARETAKER. Source: Deadline



A robotics engineer at a toy company builds a life-like doll that begins to take on a life of its own, landing in theaters on January 13, 2023 from director Gerard Johnstone.


Witness a hellish vision of 1999, as social isolation, analog technology and disturbing home videos fuse into a nightmare of found footage savagery. Streaming on SHUDDER beginning October 20, 2022.

Flying Lotus … (segment “Ozzy’s Dungeon”)
Maggie Levin … (segment “Shredding”)
Tyler MacIntyre … (segment “The Gawkers”)
Johannes Roberts … (segment “Suicide Bid”)
Joseph Winter … (segment “To Hell and Back”)
Vanessa Winter … (segment “To Hell and Back”)


When seconds from death, a nearly decapitated and desperate man makes a deal with the devil to protect the love of his life and seek revenge on the drug dealer who almost murdered him. Available beginning October 14, 2022 from director Jose Prendes.