[Horror News] OCTOBER 24, 2022 – The Conjuring 4, Return to Silent Hill, and more…

Welcome to HORROR NEWS RADIO for OCTOBER 24, 2022. JOIN US FOR upcoming horror movie news for THE CONJURING 4 and RETURN TO SILENT HILL, along with casting news for Nicolas Cage and Tobin Bell. All this, and more, coming up next…

I am your host Doc Rotten and this is HNR, the official GRUESOME MAGAZINE HORROR NEWS podcast. Back with me again are the scariest, goriest, bloodiest co-hosts on the ‘Net with Dave Dreher, the lead news writer at Gruesome Magazine, and Crystal Cleveland, the Livin6dead6irl.


New Line taps David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick to help the screenplay for THE CONJURING 4 with James Wan and Peter Safran producing. Source: Deadline

Christophe Gans will once again direct a video game adaptation to the big screen with RETURN TO SILENT HILL. Source: Collider

Johannes (47 Meters Down, V/H/S/99) Roberts sets his next feature film, THE NOT POLLY. Source: Deadline


Nicolas Cage defends his twin sons from “ferocious creatures” in SAND AND STONES. Source: Collider

Kyle (Smile) Gallner and Holland (Teen Wolf) Roden battle a “possessive” in-law in MOTHER, MAY I. Source: Deadline

Dee Wallace confronts werewolves once again, along with Edward Furlong, in Scott Goldberg’s THE FOREST HILLS. Source: Bloody Disgusting

Tobin Bell returns to Lionsgate and Twister Pictures’ SAW franchise as the Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer. Source: Deadline


In Theaters and On Demand on November 11, 2022.
A group of teenagers in a small town discover a strange object that tests the strength of their friendship.

In Theaters and On Demand NOVEMBER 4

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