13 Slasher Films Influenced by the SCREAM Franchise and Horror News Roll Call (3/20/2023)

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Universal sets dates for two Monkeypaw movies from Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele won’t have one but two movies coming out in 2024: an untitled horror thriller on September 27 from his Monkeypaw Productions, and another coming out on Christmas Day that year.

Source: Deadline

It Follows director David Robert Mitchell adds Anne Hathaway to his next film at WB

Anne Hathaway (Eileen) has signed on to star in a mysterious new film that David Robert Mitchell (It Follows, Under the Silver Lake) will direct for Warner Bros. Pictures, Bad Robot and Jackson Pictures.

While the pic is billed as a “thrill-ride” to be shot in IMAX, which will head into production this fall, other details are scarce at present.

Source: Deadline

Slash (G’N’R) partners with Rue Morgue, Raven Banner, and Hangar 18 to form new Genre Film company, BeserkerGang

Comprised of Guns N’ Roses ax man Slash; Rodrigo Gudiño, filmmaker and RUE MORGUE founder; horror genre specialists Michael Paszt, James Fler, and Andrew T. Hunt of distribution house Raven Banner; and Pasha Patriki of Raven Banner’s in-house production wing, Hangar 18 Media, BeserkerGang was born in the wake of Gudiño’s movie The Breach.

Source: Rue Morgue

Corin (The Nun) Hardy to direct LURE for Universal and Platinum Dunes

While plot details are being kept under wraps, the story is based on the haunting of the real-life King’s Tavern, considered to be the most haunted building in all of Mississippi, with one of its tenants being the murdered mistress of one of the tavern’s original owners.

Source: Deadline

TOP 13 Modern Slashers Influenced by SCREAM

  1. The Fisherman (1997, I Know What You Did Last Summer)
  2. Patrick Bateman (2000, American Psycho)
  3. The Creeper (2001, Jeepers Creepers)
  4. Jigsaw / John Kramer (2004, Saw)
  5. Mick Taylor (2005, Wolf Creek)
  6. Victor Crowley (2006, Hatchet)
  7. Leslie Vernon (2006, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon)
  8. The Strangers (2008, The Strangers)
  9. The Orphan (2009, The Orphan)
  10. Lamb Mask, Wolf Mask, Tiger Mask (2011, You’re Next)
  11. Art the Clown (2016, Terrifier)
  12. The Grabber (2021, The Black Phone)
  13. Pearl (2022, X and Pearl)