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Horror News Radio is teaming up with our good friends at Diabolique Magazine to giveaway a 6 month subscription to their “Premiere Horror Genre Magazine.” This is a unique opportunity to check out this insightful and class-act horror magazine. You will be glad you did! The entry deadline is Midnight (EST) July 5, 2015 and is open to US addresses only. Use the RAFFLECOPTER entry form below to enter! It costs you nothing, so don’t miss this golden opportunity to win A FREE 6 month subscription to Diabolique Magazine.

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DIABOLIQUE The Award Winning Premiere Horror Genre Magazine” is jam packed with exclusive photos and interviews, insightful commentary, criticism, reviews, featured articles from acclaimed horror writers and much more in full color! Every two months you are presented with the ultimate insider’s guide which explores every aspect of the fascinating world of horror movies, literature and art. A visually stunning bible for horror genre fans of all ages, engage your heart, your mind and your taste for terror within the pages of this indispensable and lavishly illustrated collector’s magazine printed on the highest quality glossy paper!

Get VIP access to all of the biggest names in the horror industry. DIABOLIQUE brings you the first look and the last word including fresh analyses to subjects old and new, foreign and domestic – from ancient folklore and Gothic classics to contemporary horror film releases and modern literary gems. Past issues have included superlative articles from such horror luminaries as Jonathan Rigby, David Del Valle, Colin McCraken, David Huckvale, Paul Murray, and Elizabeth Miller among many others!


Here are some quotes about Diabolique Magazine:

DIABOLIQUE takes its horror seriously, and the content reflects it… A heady, well-written excursion into the horror world…One of the best produced horror film mags introduced in recent years… A top ‘Best Of’ contender.” – Monster Magazine World

“Horror Happenings highly recommends DIABOLIQUE. A great horror magazine.” –

“I love DIABOLIQUE. Elegant magazine… Beautiful.” – Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Fangoria

“I just saw the new issue of Diabolique and seriously almost teared up. Blown away with the whole thing; layout, theme, and overall tone of it. One of the reasons that I love this magazine is the care and attention which they put into the presentation of the material. When you put days and weeks into an article, it’s wonderful to know that it will be done justice on the printed page. Hats off to Max Weinstein, Dima Ballin and Greg Petaloudis for their outstanding work on issue #19. It’s a beauty.” – Colin McCraken

DIABOLIQUE brings back the feeling of joy and awe you experienced when you cracked open your first horror magazine… Truly the cream of the crop!” – Fatally Yours Horror Reviews

“Quite insightful. An intriguing look into the history of horror while also keeping readers abreast of current events.” –

“Still a relatively new kid on the block, DIABOLIQUE is already cementing its reputation as a horror mag with class… I would urge anyone to pick up an issue of DIABOLIQUE and give their brain a workout.” –

“Thought provoking writing on venerable horror classics, side-by-side with pieces on lesser known works… Meaty, detailed pieces on horror writers old and new… Think of DIABOLIQUE as the ‘Vogue’ of the horror genre. (Maybe even the ‘Vogue Paris’).” – Kyle Marffin, author of Gothique, Waiting for the 400 and Carmilla: The Return

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Ghoulish Productions Halloween Mask Giveaway – Blurp Charlie

Horror News Radio is preparing for Halloween 2014 with an incredible new giveaway promotion for October, a full face mask from GHOULISH PRODUCTIONS. We introduce to you, BLURP CHARLIE! Horror News Radio is teaming up with the Atlanta, Georgia mask, costume and Halloween prop company to give away a fantastic, scary mask just in time for the Halloween season: a $50+ value. Entries will be accepted until Midnight (Eastern Standard Time), October 19, 2014. All you need to do is complete the The Black Saint’s HNR Horror Trivia Question below. The Ghoulish Production mask giveaway is open to US addresses only. Be sure to use the HNR coupon code for any purchases with Ghoulish Productions through October for a 10% discount on your entire sale. Just type in HNR in the coupon box when you check out.

25096 blurp-charlie

Blurp Charlie Mask from Ghoulish Productions


Originating out of Mexico, Ghoulish Productions is the US brand of REV Products, a well respected Halloween industry manufacturer with over 20 years experience creating beautiful AND FRIGHTENING rubber latex masks, latex props, disguise, and accessories. Recently setting up shop in Atlanta Georgia, Ghoulish Productions is set to bring a variety of kick-ass original and licensed masks to US shores. They are impressive! Be sure to check out their site, and their Facebook fan page for all the details and behind the scene peeks into their product line. Be sure to let them know Horror News Radio sent you their way.

To make Halloween that much sweeter, Ghoulish Productions has extended an exclusive Horror News Radio Coupon Code [HNR] to save 10% off your entire order. Be sure to use HNR in the coupon box when you check out. Halloween 2014 is going to be the best Halloween ever with Horror News Radio and Ghoulish Productions making sure it is scarier, more exciting and more frightening than ever before. Remember to use the HNR coupon code.


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Known as "The first Canadian horror film", this 1961 production was also shot in 3D. Featuring some distinctly psychedelic visuals, it was re-released as "The Eyes Of Hell" and was repeatedly played on TV (in 3D) during the 80's.

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OTHER GREAT OPTIONS FROM GHOULISH PRODUCTIONS. Make this Halloween the best Halloween ever!


GLS Frankensteins Army

Frankenstein’s Army masks coming soon!


Invasion of the Blurp Charlies – RUN!