Kong: Skull Island (2017) – Episode 206 – Horror News Radio

Legendary continues their MonsterVerse with the release of Kong: Skull Island, following up the American version of Godzilla (2014). With director Jordan Vogt-Roberts at the helm, the film is a B-movie picture with an A-movie cast and budget, including increasing Kong’s size to become over 100 feet tall. It may be the best big dumb monster movie ever. The Grue-crew hunker down in the podcast jungle to share their thoughts on the furry Kaiju beast and his battles with helicopters, a giant octopus, some deadly “skull crawlers”, and one mean looking Samuel L. Jackson. While the film is a gas, it may be the stinger that has the crew all giddy.

Dave is back with another edition of Horror News of the Week with talk of Behind the Mask getting a comic book, another Friday the 13th game trailer, and Netflix picking up the Godzilla anime feature. HNR and Gruesome Magazine are heading to a number of horror conventions and film festival in the coming months with Joey Fittos covering Monster-Mania this past weekend and Doc Rotten and John Black heading to Mad Monster Party Carolina, March 24-26, 2017.

Co-hosts Doc RottenSantos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr.Dave Dreher and Thomas Mariani are back again this week to give you the best in horror as they recap, review and obliterate all that is horror this week! Oh, and don’t forget – Stump the Saint! (Brought to you by Gruesome Magazine)

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Episode 206 – Kong: Skull Island (2017)
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Feature Review: Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Check out this killer A movie cast: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly, John Goodman, Corey Hawkins, John Ortiz, Tian Jing, Toby Kebbell, Jason Mitchell, Shea Wingham, Thomas Mann, Eugene Cordero, and Richard Jenkins. Too bad most of them are nothing more than fodder for Kong and his monster mates on Skull Island to stomp, eat, and squish in glorious monster movie mayhem. Kong is truly King! He is amazing in the film, wonderfully rendered and perfectly integrated in the world of Kong. The film also sets up the eventual Godzilla vs Kong MonsterVerse confrontation due in 2020 with a fun little stinger at the very end of the credits. With a simple Godzilla roar, imaginations soar. But, first, what do the Grue-Crew thing of Kong: Skull Island.

Outline of the Episode

  • [00:00:40]: Intro
  • [00:03:35]: Announcements
  • [00:06:08]: Horror News of the Week
    • [00:06:23]: Leslie Vernon returns with Behind the Mask Comic Book Sequel
    • [00:10:42]: Godzilla Anime is heading to Netflix
    • [00:15:44]: All fear the Friday the 13th: The Game PAX trailer
    • [00:19:58]: A four minute Ghostbusters: Cleaning Up the Town trailer revisits the classic horror comedy
    • [00:25:44]: Shock and awe with the blood-drenched Game of Death Trailer
  • [00:28:54]: Announcements
    • [00:28:59]: Check out the Gruesome Magazine Indiegogo Campaign!
    • [00:30:36]: Joey Fittos’s Monster Mania Coverage
    • [00:31:07]: HNR is heading to Mad Monster Party Carolina!
    • [00:31:17]: HNR shares a busy Convention and Festival schedule
  • [00:32:50]: Support HNR
  • [00:33:11]: Feature Review – Kong: Skull Island
  • [01:21:36]: Decades of Horror Plug
  • [01:25:50]: Stump The Saint!


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Eps 32 – Thor The Dark World

Thor The Dark World lights up the box office taking in over 86 million in the U.S alone – over 300 million globally in its first two weeks.

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman return as Thor and Jane Foster while Tom Hiddleston steals the film and all of the Marvel Universe as the ever-popular Loki. All of Asgard may fall to Malekith while the god of thunder tries to win the heart of a beautiful woman from Midgard.

Co-hosts Doc RottenDave DreherSantos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr.Thomas Mariani and Vixen recap and review Thor The Dark World while Dave brings the Horror News of the Week in this episode of Horror News Radio. It’s news about Bigfoot, all-female directed horror and Annabelle, the devil doll from Hell.

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Episode 32 – Thor The Dark World
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00:02:37 – Review of The the Dark World (2013)
The grue-crew dramatically leap right into the review of the latest Marvel Studios megaplex monster, Thor the Dark World. While everyone blasts the villain of the film, the dark elf Malekith, as a weak excuse for a cinematic bad guy with a confusing, convoluted and unmotivated drive to return the universe to the darkness, they love the relationship between Thor and Loki. Director Alan Taylor strikes superhero gold with the Thunder God’s latest adventure in Asgard.

00:45:56– Horror News of the Week for 11/11/2013
“You gotta eat lightning and crap thunder, Dreher,” Thomas belts as Santos wakes up Dave in order to bring you the Horror News of the Week beginning with the found-footage bigfoot film Willow Creek. Another Dark Sky film is up next with the anthology horror film, XX, featuring a collection of female directors. Marvel Studios and Netflix sign a deal to bring four 13 episode series to the online outlet include DaredevilJessica JonesLuke Cage and Iron Fist. Next, Dave shares that Warner Brothers will be producing a variety of properties off their hit The Conjuring film, including a film about Annabelle. Up last is news about a film called The Neighbor by Marcus Dunstsn and Patrick Melton.

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